Hybrid Program


Extracurriculars & Summer

How it Works.

The world of extracurricular activities is vast, and there is a lot of variance in how schools value different types of activities.

What kinds of things really make an impression? How can students focus and deepen their interests in authentic ways, showing initiative, independence, and leadership? Are established summer programs worth it, or is it better to design a more “homemade” experience? What about internships, research, jobs, volunteer work, and “service”? Is it better to be “well-rounded” or “angular”?

Your counselor will help you plot a course that enriches your extracurricular activities and expands your perspectives, while empowering you to present those experiences as poignantly as possible.


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Powerful Packages, Customized for Each Student’s Needs.

Services Can Include:

Comprehensive Assessment

The cornerstone of Premium Prep’s approach.

The College List

A successful application process hinges on the right choice of schools.

The Application

Your counselor will guide you through all aspects of your college applications.


Our proven team-approach guides you through this crucial phase.

College Visits & Demonstrating Interest

We provide the student with ways to show interest, to their advantage.

Financial Aid

Your Premium Prep counselor can help you navigate this complex landscape.

Extracurriculars & Summer

Your counselor helps you plot a course that expands your perspectives.

High School Curriculum

Give students the advantage of applying for the program that’s right for them.

Interview Prep

Mock interviews to give students essential experience for their interviews.