Hybrid Program


Job Postings

Part-time College Counselor

We seek exceptionally qualified candidates for the position of Private College Counselor. This is a great opportunity for full- or part-time employment or supplemental income, with caseloads ranging anywhere from 5 to 25 students. Counselors can be based anywhere in the country and enjoy a highly flexible work schedule. Pay is between $150 and $250 per hour, depending on experience.

Hybrid Program College Counselor

We seek exceptionally qualified candidates for the position of Hybrid Program College Counselor. This is a fully remote, half-time position, with a caseload of roughly 15 students per graduating class year. Counselors can be based anywhere in the country and enjoy a highly flexible work schedule. Pay is c. $40,000. 

Successful candidates for these positions must have:

  • Extensive experience in high school college counseling (preferably some college admissions experience too)
  • A keen understanding of the complexities of today’s selective college admissions process
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and comfort working with both parents and students
  • In-depth knowledge and a record of having visited hundreds of colleges across the country
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Comfort working with clients in-person and remotely
  • The willingness to remain exceptionally responsive to client schedules and needs.

In addition to these qualifications, our counselors are expected to:

  • Be self-aware, confident, highly organized individuals passionate about helping young people find their voices and chart their futures
  • Able to strike the perfect mix of meticulousness, sensitivity, and diplomacy, to build trust and rapport while conveying exceptional competence, composure, and control
  • Have great instincts for managing client anxiety and stress, the ability to deal with a driven and often demanding clientele, and the acuity to head off problems before they arise
  • Know their own strengths and weaknesses, possessing a high degree of professionalism and expertise, while also knowing when to reach out to others for input and advice
  • Be of strong character, able to gracefully negotiate complex family dynamics and maintain a strong ethical code
  • Be excited about working for a small company, with flexible hours and individualized potential for personal and financial growth

Please email cover letter and resume to: bethany@premiumprep.com.